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Order fulfillment services


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A fulfillment service is a third- party warehouse or software tool that prepares and ships orders for businesses that sell products and goods. It takes care of the process of storing products, packing orders and shipping goods to customers. Essentially, it involves everything operational and logistical that occurs behind the scenes from the time a customer places an order until they receive it. 


By outsourcing a fulfillment service company or using the aid of order fulfillment software, you are saved from the trouble of hiring more staff and expanding your in-house capabilities. Therefore, this is a great business solution for logistical challenges faced by your growing business. 

How it works when you outsource a fulfillment company:

  1. Your business inventory is delivered to the fulfillment company
  2. The fulfillment company receive, sorts, and stores the stock
  3. Customers place their orders to your company
  4. The customers’ orders are sent to the order fulfillment company
  5. The orders are picked from the inventory, packed, properly labeled and shipped to your customers

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