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Different VAT Rates


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I need to allocate different VAT rates for different items, i.e. Alcoholic drinks need a VAT rate of 20%, Food and soft drinks and teas coffees etc need to be 5% VAT. How can I achieve this in Loyverse please?

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You can achieve this by pre-setting the taxes on each of those items through the Back Office. If you simply go to the item's > item's list and then going to its item card, you'll find the Taxes Section for that item as shown in the picture down below:image.png.4ce4a45d88461207ad98abd370064777.png

You can select which taxes should be applied to certain items and which taxes should not be.

However, if you have a lot of items and you would want to do it in a bulk manner, then you can simply export the item in the item's list and then open the file. Keep in mind that the file that you are opening is a .csv file and is not a normal excel file. Next, you can scroll the file all the way to the right side to find the column section where the taxes are located and for all those items, you can either set them to "Y" meaning yes or "N" meaning no depending on which items you would specific taxes to be applied in as shown in the picture provided: 


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