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How to use Loyverse with different VAT rates


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Hello everyone, I have a question regarding Loyverse POS.


We have a restaurant and we just opened a food shop next to it. In the shop, we sell products with different VAT (we are based in Italy and we have products with 4, 10, 22%).

I was able to set up all the VAT rates for the different products and it works great.

We have the fiscal checkout machine required by the local laws and I wish it was a compatible model, but it seems it is not.


That being said, I would like to use Loyverse to manage our stock level and help us track the sales of the different categories of products based on the VAT and to help the cashier in the checkout process.


At this time, our cashier must digit on the checkout machine the value of the goods and the corresponding VAT rate. For example: if a customer buys 1kg of apples at €3.00, 2 kg of beef at 12€, 1 bottle of wise at 7€, 3kg of oranges at 4€ the casher must digit:

3.00+4% button

12.00+10% button

7.00+22% button

4.00+4% button (again).


It would be great if Loyverse could help me to get around this. 

Ideally, I would like to use Loyvers to input all the goods bought by the customer and then have a report the total value of the goods divided by the VAT rate, so that the cashier can input the totals and hit the VAT rate only once.

Please see the attached picture to understand what I need.

Does this make sense to you and has anybody worked out a way to do something like this?

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 14.44.15.png

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As far as I know, in the total it is not possible to divide the tax based on the amount it is applied to.

It is possible to have different tax on each item, but the question is it the same tax on the same item all the times, or does it differ from one sale to the other?

How to apply different tax on each item can be done from the item's card on the back office or the POS (this is useful if you have the tax applied to the item in all purchases)


Or on the item on the ticket on the POS (good if you apply the tax differently from one sale to the other)


I have 2 different types of taxes in my account, so this is how my receipts would like and I am afraid it is not possible to change the receipts format and how it is organized


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