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How do I make my customers loyal?


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There are several ways to keep your customers loyal and strengthen that relationship to inspire consistent and recurring engagements with your brand. 

1. Be generous to your customers. Oftentimes loyalty programs are seen as marketing schemes that trick customers into spending more. To stand out, design a loyalty program that is truly generous. Make a program with perks and offers so good that it would not make sense to not become a member!

2. Show your gratitude to your customers. Express your love and appreciation for their loyalty through handwritten notes or SMS or email messaging. You may even add thank you notes in your product deliveries, purchase confirmation emails, or newsletters. Some companies even go as far as sending special cards around the holidays or on their loyal client’s birthdays.


3. For a more minimalist approach, just scratch the program and build loyalty by providing customers with awesome benefits related to your business every time they make a purchase. This style is popular in the coffee shop businesses where they design special offers like giving a customer a free drink every time they purchase two or more of a selected product.

4. Lastly, nothing makes an avid customer or client feel more involved with your business than being part of a wholesome community with their peers. They’re just so many platforms online to manage a community. You can utilize social media, customer review sites, Quora or online forums to encourage positive customer-to-customer interactions.


To see a full list of other types of loyalty programs you can use for your business, check out my article:  


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