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What do online shoppers value most in their favorite retail stores?


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It is very important to understand why customers are attract to to certain online stores. What influence their choice?

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Hi Carlos! Great question. With the great number of store available online nowadays, the competition is tighter than ever. Here are a few points or tips to make your online store stand out. There are what customers value most in picking their favorite online shop:

  • Products are accessible and easy to find online: Your products, along with the reviews and descriptions have to have a certain online presence by utilizing SEOs for customers to get easy access to them
  • Great product reviews: Customers usually believe more of what other customers or actual users have to say about your product than your brand’s marketing. So keep up with your great online transaction and create happy customers. Make sure that they leave great reviews of their satisfactory experience with your brand. User generated content is a powerful marketing strategy.


  • Sharing the same values and passions: Nowadays more and more customers patronize values-oriented businesses. Make sure that your business has a clear advocacy and ethical standing as this would encourage a deeper and more personal relationship with your customers. This will eventually lead to recurring engagements with your brand.
  • Great customer service and help center: A brand that addresses or replies to customer’s queries promptly always leaves a good mark and adds greatly to good customer experience repour.
  • Detailed online order tracking: With the surge of online shopping, stores which allow customers to track or monitor their order or deliveries is a huge thumbs up. If you have a great tracking service, customers will have the convenience of knowing when they are to expect the product at their doorstep giving them time to fix their schedule to receive their purchases.
  • Generous return policy: If your shop has a transparent and fair return policy, it adds up to good customer experience because you are giving them the confidence in their engagement with your brand and convenience should there be some unwanted or uncalled mishaps during the purchase or delivery process.


  • Transparent, Upfront Pricing: The worst thing you can do is hook a shopper with a teaser rate and then hike up the price at checkout.
  • Personality: Your most loyal customers will come back because you are more than just a URL and a logo. Try to add a touch of personality and character in creating your brand image and approach in your customer service.
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