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Shifts and multiple stores on single android device.


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We plan on having multiple stores managed on a single POS device, and also using Shifts for cash management.

 Eg. One store open in morning, employee then moves to other store open in the afternoon. Both stores have separate floats, but will be run from the same device.

Is the some kind of prompt to prevent an employee logging out without closing the shift?

I noticed in the user guide that shift history is coming to Android "soon".  Is there any indication of timeframe for this feature to be available in Android?


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Hello @Anne_H,

To manage multiple stores on a single device, the employee will need to log out of the Loyverse POS app and then log in again to be able to choose the other store -> POS device. The employee can still log out even without closing the shift, as we do not have the prompt feature to prevent him from logging out.

And yes, shift history functionality will also be added to Android devices in about 3 months.

Hope I was able to answer your questions.


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