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Not able to setup three tax (VAT) rates

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Hi all,

I own a food truck and in Switzerland we have the following VAT requirements:


- eat on site: 7.7%

- takeaway: 2.5%

- alcohol: 7.7% IN ALL CASES

I have no issue setting up the on-site and takeaway but I tried all options and have not been able to add the alcohol tax which applies in all cases. 

Any idea?

Thanks a lot 

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2 hours ago, ink said:


Do you tried to set taxes, depending on the Dining Options? https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-apply-taxes-depending-dining


Yes, I have tried many different settings with 2 or 3 different taxe (on-site, takeaway and Alcohol)... And we have read all the information of the above link... But still... same issue...

Really need help on this as this is a no go for Loyverse even if I really love it for all the rest of the features...😬

Is any phone contact for a helpline ? Didn't find it...

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Hello! If you would like that tax alcohol: 7.7% was applied only for certain items but with all dinning options, then you need to switch on this tax only for those items in their cards. And do not need to use feature Taxes Depending on the Dining Options for this tax.


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Hi, I have the same problem here like Jimlefoodtruck and I did not understand, how he solved the problem. My problem is, that most of my products is food and some beer. Food in restaurant is taxed with 7.7% IF SERVED IN RESTAURANT. But the same food item IN TAKE AWAY is taxed with 2.5%. Beer is taxed in restaurant with 7.7% and also with 7.7% in Take away. How do I have to set this up? Thank you for your kind help. Best regards, Patrick


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Yo need to make a 3 different taxes and apply it to the specific items:
1. Create tax 'Food in restaurant - 7.7%' and switch 'Tax application depends on dining option', then choose specific Dining options which tax exemption applies - 'Take out' and 'Delivery'. And choose items which this tax applies.

2. Create tax 'Take away - 2.2%' also switch 'Tax application depends on dining option', then choose Dining option 'Dine in'. And choose the same items as for 'Food in restaurant' tax.

3. Create tax 'Alcohol - 7.7%' which is not depends on dining options. And choose the Option '-'. It is for applying tax manually for specific items.

4. Go to the specific items like a 'Beer' etc.Open the item card (Edit item) and switch on the tax 'Alcohol' in Taxes section.

This method should be work.


Also check this video about taxes setup

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