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How to hide tax sum on Loyverse receipts


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Hi there,

I want to use Loyverse POS for my soon to be opened Baby Second Hand Boutique.

Anyways, I need to "hide" the tax sum on my receipts since I use Differential taxation (German tax law, I only pay taxes for the difference between the purchase price and the sales price). I tried to change the receipts settings, but it won't work. "Differential taxation according to §25a" must be on the bill, what I have noted in the footnote as free text, but on the final receipts, it shows the total amount/sum of the purchase, and then shows 0% taxes / 0,00€ from the total. I DO NOT want this statement of taxes on the receipt at all (Or rather, I am not allowed to have it on the bill according to German law), is it somehow possible to have it deleted?

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If you don’t want to show on the receipt such information: “0% taxes / 0,00€ from the total”, you mustn’t apply any tax to your items or don’t add any tax in your Back-Office->Settings->Taxes.


If you don’t have any tax configured in your account, there will be no information about tax in the receipts as in the example below:


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