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Receipt is distinct and not showing number when printing before introducing method of payment


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is this me or anyone else has been having this issue recently ? Like maybe for a few days now.

When we print a receipt, there is no more number showing on it.


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Hi !

Our printer is a Concord GP-U80300II.

This is a regular old ticket ticket printer we owned previously to switching to Loyverse.

The printed ticket is identical to previously, with header picture and footer message. Except for the absence of that receipt number.

Could this be a recent change in Loyverse code, that does not work well with some printer ?

Or is this some kind of manipulation we did which lead to a weird bug ?



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Hello !

We have managed to recreate the issue i had previously reported.

When we print the receipt AFTER having having chosen the client payment method, ticket number is printed ok.

But when we print it before, it's not. Also, it is been translated VS not translated. (see attached photo)

This is a problem because most clients pay seated, so we have to print the receipt and bring it to them before they pay.



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