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Loyverse Road Map


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With full appreciation that Loyverse can be a free product (no employees, no inventory), the team has done quite well providing a balanced, all rounder POS. We are even considering to move from our paid subscription to Loyverse with some employees to be added. 


Can I just suggest that maybe the team can add a Roadmap page with potential guestimates when new features would be introduced to the system. I have checking in the forums and some features has been signaled even several years back. This would probably help taper and manage expectations by the users. 


Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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I second this. I've been using Loyverse for over 2 years now and very little has changed since I started with it. It would be nice to know what (if any) updates are being worked on.

It's really frustrating waiting for features with no idea if they'll ever happen. Also the updates are so few and far between it would help to know that the team are working on something!



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Why are the Loyverse team so secretive about what they're doing??

None of us are going to sell the information to the competition!

We're business owners who are using your products and would like to know what (if anything) you have planned for the future.

It's not to much to ask where you plan on going with Loyverse!

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