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Compatible SumUp readers


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I'm trying to understand what SumUp card readers are compatible with Loyverse and what the integration level is.


In the UK there are 3 models available:

- SumUp Air Card Reader

- SumUp 3G Card Reader

- SumUp 3G Card Reader with printer


Are all three compatible with Loyverse?

Is the 3G (with WiFi) available to all POS devices on the same WiFi network or does it only connect to one device via Bluetooth?

Is the printer variant compatible for printing the Loyverse receipt or is it just the SumUp transaction printed?

If it can print a Loyverse receipt, can it print receipts for cash transactions and bills for each table?

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I have 3 sumup 3G card readers, so they are not compatible with Loyverse?  Only with SumUp Air Card Reader?

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