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I have followed how to add a tip on sale but it doesn't work

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I have followed how to add a tip onto sale but it doesnt work. I can add tip from Sumup but i want to do it on Loyverse. Do i have the latest version to allow this?

Thank you.

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Thanks for the reply.

I use a Sumup card reader and app.

I dont accept tips on card at all as that would mean using the Sumup app and therefore not record the sale on Loyverse back office.

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On 10/16/2020 at 8:04 PM, Mag said:

Hello! TIps are available only for integrated payment systems, like Sumup. We plan to add Tips feature for Loyverse POS as well. We are working on it realization. 

Can you please tell me if you need a tip report? And should the report be broken down into tips receiving methods, cash and card?

Please if the Tip option can be added for Cash and Card options that setup in Loyverse ourselves.

It must not JUST be available for Integrated Payment Vendors. 

A report as mentioned is needed as well


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I am just looking at this for my daughter who is taking over a restaurant with a manual system and have added tips as an item with a variable amount which isnt ideal but it seems that it would do the trick for now however agree that the ability to add tips would be great especially in a country like South Africa where a large part of a servers take home pay is made up of tips.


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Add TIPS as a sales item for me is inconvenience, because later i need to pay out that amount otherwise my gross sales report will be inaccurate, for this reason, I put the TIPS as a Footer, which is will automatically printed and will not effect with tax calculation or total sales, because that how I treat Tips.

you can see my receipt here, and how i do this, i go to back office menu and go to SETTING->RECEIPT->and find FOOTER section and add TIPS


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