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Set up Complete System for a Bar. Drinks & Snacks


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Loyverse is a very user-friendly and intuitive app. You can set it up easily by yourself following the help tutorials that are provided in the help center.

You can begin with these two help materials:

1. How to Get Started with Loyverse POS

2. Setting Up Your Shop in Loyverse Back Office

You can make sales and take orders from our app, and use it at the cashier and also for table ordering.
Other features are "Shift management". to open and close shift at the beginning and end of the day and keep track of cash transactions.
You can print receipts and print a bill before charging the customer.
And you can add employees or extra users that can access the app with restricted access.

Please check this links for more information about the features I described:

-Open Tickets

-Shift Management in Loyverse POS

-How to Print Bill

-How to Add an Employee in Loyverse POS

If you are interested in tracking your items stock check out this other pages:

-Notification About Low Stock

-How to Create a Composite Item

It may look a lot of info but you will see that is very straight forward 😉

You can also find Loyverse partners in UK here: https://loyverse.town/links/category/13-distributor/ and reach out to them. 

I hope this is useful. 


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