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Would like to get assistance installing my Ethernet Thermal Receipt Printer 58mm


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Hi members, would like to get assistance installing my Ethernet Thermal Receipt Printer 58mm.

Doing it on Android device and the printer that i have isn't listed under supported printer however i tried the "other model" and entered the printer's LAN IP but still no good. Do i need to do something on the router settings?

Coz when i did ping the Printer's IP using cmd promt its "request timed out" getting 4-0-4% result. BTW my android tab is connected on the same router. I would really appreciate the help you can give.

Thanks a lot.

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I think it is good to mention your printer model. Maybe somebody had experience with the same model before.

You have to check that the first three groups of numbers of IP addresses are the same in your mobile device and your printer because it indicates that your printer and your mobile device are on the same network.  More details here: Troubleshooting When Setting Up an Ethernet Printer

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I got generic thermal printer 58mm with Ethernet only interface (KC-T58H), I had a hard time fixing it following the instruction video for Ethernet Printers, it wasn't recognized from the app and the reason was it has different default IP address that doesn't match with my routers IP address much harder because the printer DHCP was disabled by default. So, i had to change the printers IP address manually but to no avail. Next step i did was changing the routers IP itself to match with the Printer's. After that i added the printer to Loyverse App as usual and that resolve my problem. Now i can print wireless smoothly. Hope this help. If you need technical assistance you may reach me here: https://www.messenger.com/t/apluskstarlux 


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