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How to change the POS software font size?

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Tell you I encountered the software problem, if anyone wants to increase the software font, the current software itself has no way to change the settings. But I found that you can change the font size of the Android system, you can increase the Loyverse POS software font, can almost double to double.

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In my Android 7.0 Samsung tablet, I have found this setting to change the font size in Settings: Display > Screen zoom and font.

font size level setting

There is the slider for font size level setting.

font size level setting

After changing there, font size changed on the entire system and Loyverse POS app as well.

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It is possible to increase the font size of the text in the Loyverse POS app by increasing it in the device settings.

Note: The built-in functionality of Android implements this option; therefore, some words may be displayed incorrectly in some languages.

For Android devices, open Settings and go to the ‘Display’ section. Open the ‘Screen zoom and font’ or ‘Font size’ menu.

Change the font size of your device.


After saving the device settings, the font size of the text in the Loyverse POS app will change.


Note: Those fond settings will not influence the fond size of the printed receipts. 

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