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Italy - Fiscal Printer RCH


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Hello every,

We joined the beta program for Fiscal Printer Support in Italy - I am using a RCH Print F!. Since a while on every transaction that goes through the Fiscal Printer I get the following errore code:

"RAGG. MASSIMO NUMERO RIGHE IN TESTA [CL] " - followed by 3 beeping sounds by the printer.

The transaction goes through and is registered, however I do not know where the problem comes from. Is anyone familiar with this issue?


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Hi Mag,

Do you refer to the header configured on the Print F! device or the header that I can set in the Loyverse backend?

It seems like header information is not fetched from the Loyverse backend as the changes such as Logo Picture and line content is not applied on the printer receipt.

I assume this information is programmed on device, right?

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