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Sunmi handheld => printer

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Hi there,


i have a Sunmi T2 + 2 x Sunmi M2 handhelds.


It took me quite some time to connect the Epson TM-T88V to the Sunmi / Loyverse app
but I finally succeeded.


The new problem I'm running into is that if I make an order on the handheld (M2),
it doesn't connect to the printer.


If I check my settings on the Sunni M2, I need to add a printer there too
but of course it's not connected by ethernet since it's a handheld.


How can I connect it so that everything is synced?


Thank you

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Hello. I am afraid that it is impossible to send a receipt from one Sunmi device for printing at another Sunmi device. 

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Hi Andy, thanks for the reply!

Do you really think it's not possible? 

I bought everything like this because it says in the section 'hardware' that the Sunni devices and handhelds are compatible...

What else could be the use of a handheld if it doesn't print a receipt for the bartender to prepare the order 😞


Too bad for this one,

thanks for the reply anyways!


Kind regards


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Hello. I understand your disappointment when you cannot print receipts on the hardware that you already have. But Hardware section lists the equipment that is compatible with Loyverse POS.  Help article Connecting Built-in Printers on Sunmi Devices describes how to use a built-in printer of the same Sunmi device to print receipts. There is no mention of the possibility of printing receipts from one device at the printer of another. 
The only solution to print from multiple devices at the same printer is to have a separate Ethernet printer and connect it to POSes on different devices. 

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