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Edit saved ticket please?!

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I would really appreciate the ability to either edit or enter prices on a saved ticket.

Ideally I would like to make a ticket with all the items and weights required and save it to a customer. Then when it comes to preparing the order, go down the list entering prices as I go.

Is this something that could be added? I would be more likely to invest in a system that could work for my business.

At the moment I'm using it in a very basic way whilst looking for something that does what I need, which is a shame as I like this app.

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Hello Abbots,

Have you tried the option to sell your items by weight?




 You have to enter the item price per one unit of weight in the item card, such as kilogram, pound, etc.

When you sell this item, a number pad will appear on the screen. Enter the actual weight of the item and tap ‘OK’.


The item will be added to the ticket with the price for a unit of weight multiplied by the actual weight.


So, you wouldn’t have to enter the prices later.


Or you don’t have fix prices in your store?

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Hi Mia, no I don't have fixed prices. I would have to update them every day or so which given how easy it is in the back office isn't too much of a problem.


The problem is if someone makes an order to collect in 2 days time, I would like to put it into the system as a ticket. But, I wouldn't make the order up until the day.

This is a problem if they order:

2kg x Item A

1.5kg x Item B

5kg x Item C

And when it comes to making the order up it's actually:

2.3kg x Item A

1.4kg x Item B

4.9kg x Item C

As a greengrocer this is expected, but if I used Loyverse I would be losing money on Item A and the customer would be losing money on the other two items. This would probably even out at the total but if the customer happened to weigh either Item B or C they might assume I had ripped them off and not come back.

This is not worth the risk.

This would also make the inventory management completely wrong and pointless.

When you first add an item to the ticket you can edit it's price and weight, then that functionality is lost once saved. Why? It makes no sense to me... What is losing that functionality gaining?

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  • Solution

I understand. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to edit the quantity and the prices of the items already added to the open ticket. Maybe, you can add your suggestion to the Feature request section so the developers can see your feedback. 

What I would suggest at the moment, would be this: When you are making the order up, you can go down each item and if there is a difference in the quantity you have already added and the real quantity you can delete this item from the open ticket and add it again with the real quantity. 

You can remove the item from the ticket by sliding any selected item to the left.


I hope this helps 🙂

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I had the same problem

I didnt know that there is a sliding delete option

This works for me

Thank You

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Hi, I would like to change a price of a item after it has been added to the current open ticket.

1) I select my open ticket

2) I open my current ticket

3) I click on my Item

4) I can't change my price (open price).

Is there another option to do it ?

If not I can delete my item, then create a new one with the good price. But Then I would like to be able to re-arrange the item list manually (By grouping items by category).

Thank you for you help.



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Currently we have to take pre-orders outside the shops due to the COVID-19. Is there a way to save the pre-order before the preparation and keep a the possibility to modify one alreadt entered item (suppress, change quantity,..)

Indeed, currently if I save the ticket, it is still possible to add an item to the list but it's not possible after a save to change any recorded items.


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