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Why is the TSP143IIILAN on the supported printers list if it doesn't work with Loyverse?

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As the title says... the printer works and prints normally with self-testing and printing tests from the utility, but with loyverse it cuts off the receipt size at times and at other times it won't even recognize the device. Kind of a bummer since I bought the printer because it was the only one they had that was on the loyverse list...

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Hello. The printer TSP143IIILAN (Ethernet) is in the supported printers list to work with Loyverse on iOS and Android devices. Therefore it should work without a problem. 

Correct working depends not only on software but on hardware as well. 

About the problems that you have described: 

wrong working of cutting receipts, check the settings in the printer. Refer to the printer manual on how to do this. 

Not recognizing printer. The printer connects through the WiFi router, please, check the work of your router. Also, check the tutorial:  Troubleshooting When Setting Up an Ethernet Printer.

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Thank you for the response. I've fixed every setting possible and the printer works with other software and its own self-printing as well as with the mobile apps that come with it. I'm going to export my stuff from loyverse and find another POS Software. Thank you.

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We have a slightly different problem. Our printer (same model) works perfectly 95% of the time. For the past 2 days, it has stopped working after (almost) exactly 24 hours. However, similar to @Calafik , all other apps work perfectly with the printer at the same time (Other POS, mobile app, even my laptop)

For today, after an iPad and printer restart it resumed to work. Hopefully we won't get the problem again tomorrow.



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