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Loosing first zero on barcode after importing


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I export the items list to make changes to multiple items but when I import it again any barcodes that begin with a zero is missing the zero at the beginning.

Is there a way to stop that happening because it's playing havoc with our stock figures and causing problem at the till.


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Sorry, I've put this in the wrong section.
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Hello Roddy!

You make a good point to using Excel for actions with .csv types of files. 

Excel is a good program, I like it. But we must be careful with it. Sometimes Excel can change the data type. For example, I can export Item list and open it in Excel, but what I can see in a barcode field do not make me happy. As you see in screenshot the barcode I enter manually in system lost a zero at beginning. 




So I make a changes in Excel on the way how to open the .csv file:

Data--> from Text/CSV --> choose a file --> and I change a Data type detection to "Do not detect data types" --> button Load 
And here I have correct Barcode I entered in system


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Hi Christine

Thanks very much for that. Since I posted I've found another way of doing it.

In the text import file box that comes up when you open the file, change the barcode column from "standard" to "text" and the leading zero's are left intact and remain so after saving the file.


This works in Libreoffice calc which is similar to excel so I would imagine it would work there too.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply. 🙂



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