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The receipt printing from time to time it will print rubbish


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The receipt printing from time to time it will print rubbish. Please see video.

Will like to know what is the issue? Is there a bug? 


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Thanks for the information, but it is necessary to know the exact printer model. The situation of different printer models may vary, even though they are from the same brand. 

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    • OHG
      By OHG
      I just purchased two handhelp POS from China... But I can't connect Bluetooth POS with ur software... Please help.... When I connect Bluetooth it's showing perfectly connected bt when I press print it's nothing work.... Please help me
    • MarcoSan
      By MarcoSan
      Hello All,
      Do you know if the printer model XPrinter XP-N160II is compatible with Loyverse? Below you can see the technical details of the printer:
      Commands ESC/POS Ethernet (RJ45) 80mm paper width Best regards,
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      POS printers are here very expensive.
      Is this printer XP-58IIH oke with Loyverse?
      Gr. Assa
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      I am using this model of printer. If I make a sale and charge it directly and print out the receipt immediately, the printout is fine.
      If I make a sale and use the Open ticket function and then I charge and print out the receipt the printer prints a lot of nonsens at the beginning and does not stop to print the nonsens. I have to turn the printer off.
      Can you help me.
      Regards Hanno

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      By Thetokwan
      Sometimes when I was about to print the receipt, there were a slight lag that turned out to make the receipt printed out with Chinese words and it will not stop printing unless I switched off the printer, I've tried changing the printer but indeed it still happens. I really hope loyverse will consider to fix this because I would love to use it again as it is very user friendly and easy to use

Loyverse Point of Sale





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