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Drink Label Sticker Printer capability


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55 minutes ago, Andy said:

Loyverse has functionality to print labels for items as a part of Advanced inventory functionality.

Please, read about this here: How to Print Labels for Items

Thank you, but what we need is the printing of stickers once the order is punched in, so it can be put on the cup and the barista will prepare the ordered drink. 

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Dear everyone,

Loyverse POS currently doesn't support splitting  kitchen order into one item by one item, maybe loyverse team will update APP in future,

before that , EastRoyce ( professional printer manufacturer and developer) has a compromised solution for bubble tea shop or milk tea shop to print

Kitchen label one by one when customer orders more than one items , and paste it on the cup.

Please watch this youtube video and description carefully.


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    • By CafeBOBA
      I have been reading comments concerning bubble tea shop requirements.  The label we would like to put is more than just a drink name.  But we would like to put options such as double the quantities of tapioca, topping whipped cream, adding white chocolate, etc.  Then we would like to sick the label on the cup so we don't miss anything concerning the order.  Yes, a customer can order several bubble tea with the different options.  I saw the system in Taiwan but I have no idea what kind of POS they use.
      If you have any suggestions, would you please tell me?
      Thank you very much for your help.
    • By teaday
      I am selling bubble tea. Everytime a customer orders a drink, i need the kitchen printer to print a sticker so that i can paste on the cup. May I know which printer can be used as kitchen label printer? Thank you!
    • By jack.li
      Currently, Loyverse POS can not support printing kitchen order item by item ( it just prints kitchen order together in one ticket),
      Maybe loyverse will update in future. Before loyverse upgrades App,
      EastRoyce would introduce this method for customers ( bubble tea shop , milk tea shop, takeout service, delivery service)
      to print Kitchen label item by item via Loyverse "Open ticket" and "Move ticket" functions.
      The current label size can be only 57mm*50mm basing on "Open ticket" and "Move ticket " functions.
      In future, if loyverse updates APP to support spliting kitchen order item by item,
      this printer will continue to work, and could also support smaller label like 57*40mm even 57*30mm if loyverse decreases the content in the Kitchen order.
      Please contact via website
      or via E-mail
    • By CWL
      I want to print labels. But I don’t know on which printer I can do this.
    • By SHZ
      I want to print labels for the items I'm selling, and I'm wondering which label printer works with Loyverse. A printer that prints on adhesive paper that I can stick on items. 
      thank you 

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