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Drink Label Sticker Printer capability

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55 minutes ago, Andy said:

Loyverse has functionality to print labels for items as a part of Advanced inventory functionality.

Please, read about this here: How to Print Labels for Items

Thank you, but what we need is the printing of stickers once the order is punched in, so it can be put on the cup and the barista will prepare the ordered drink. 

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Dear everyone,

Loyverse POS currently doesn't support splitting  kitchen order into one item by one item, maybe loyverse team will update APP in future,

before that , EastRoyce ( professional printer manufacturer and developer) has a compromised solution for bubble tea shop or milk tea shop to print

Kitchen label one by one when customer orders more than one items , and paste it on the cup.

Please watch this youtube video and description carefully.


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On 9/30/2020 at 9:36 PM, JuanCary said:

Thanks for your information, but it's not what we are mentioning: the label to stick/paste on the cup when ordering item.

We can only assume it's not yet possible, isn't it? Been searching the community for quite a long time now but i'm not getting any result. 😞

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As an add-on, a sticker printer for each menu on a POS system is a cost-effective investment that can yield significant returns. Based on what I have read, other Loyverse subscribers are willing to pay for this feature as an additional service. The minimal upfront cost can be quickly recouped by reducing waste and improving efficiency, leading to increased profitability over time. Furthermore, businesses that invest in this feature can stay ahead of the competition by providing a superior customer experience.

I truly believe that implementing the sticker printer feature will greatly benefit Loyverse's customers and improve their overall experience. As a long-time Loyverse user, I have had to subscribe to another POS provider and pay a premium due to the lack of this feature. I hope that the development team will take this into consideration and work on adding this feature to the POS system as soon as possible.

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iOS loyverse updated recently to support  "Print single item per order ticket " for print order function ( kitchen/bar/...),

that was really a good News after years...Good job, loyverse team !   I think many loyverse users will benifit from it.   LoL ^~^

(Let us wait for the update  for Android loyverse about this function from loyerse team.bubble_tea_label.thumb.jpg.3b596c99771077aa21ae9929b1e054ee.jpggreen_tea_label.thumb.jpg.e72ea8b15926524dbc0865f23edcd139.jpg)

Here comes a second good News.

I think many loyverse users ( expecially bubble tea /milk tea / green tea shops) are waiting for such a function for years.

---Print a label and put it on each cup while raising order. 

This functions comes true now ( iOS Loyverse only currently), welcome you guys to discuss here.


To understand such function well , please refer to this link





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Here is good News, Android loyverse updated recently to support "Print single item per order ticket " for print order function ( kitchen/bar/...).

If you are running bubble tea/milk tea/green tea shop, you might have a chance to print sticker one by one for all items in the order and put it on the cup.


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