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Thermal Receipt Printer TSP143IIIU USB on Android


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I have followed the steps here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-set-usb-printer-android-device

Now this printer works find with square pos, but w moved to Loyverse because it seems to be a better product... but for nothing i can get this printer to work in Loyverse.

Any suggestions besides buying a new printer ?

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Unfortunately it is not possible to connect Star TSP143III USB printer to Loyverse POS on Android.

There is only TSP143IIILAN (Ethernet) printer in the supported printers list, at this printer works.

General situation with Star printers - only printers from the supported printers list is possible to connect with Loyverse. And it is not possible to connect other models from Star by using Other models mode in the Settings.

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Actually, in the printer setup guide loyverse clearly states that for 100% certainty the USB printers will work then use one of the printers listed. In that list is the tsp143iii usb.

I now have the same problem, having checked that it was supported and buying the printer. Now it seems it isn't in fact working.

Unless that is suggest as compatible ios printers, which is not super clear if so.

Screenshot_20200725-155334_Samsung Internet.jpg

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      Its possible configure manually that printer with advanced settings in android? With default parameters i cannot print anything.
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