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Android POS and Ipad KitchenScreen

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Hi there,
I'v got two Android POS -systems and one IPad whitch i want use as a kitchenscreen. But when I want to connect the POS to the IPad the android can't find my IPad even when I give the IP-adress manualy. When I connect to the KDS on anther android tablet it works fine.

Everything is on the same wifi-network and the same account.

Anyone there how can solve this problem ??


Thank is advance

Arjan Smit

(The Netherlands)

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Hello! You can try a few steps:

1. Please checked out the article about troubleshooting with KDS https://help.loyverse.com/help/troubleshooting-when-working-kds

2. At the time when you connect a POS with KDS, please make sure that you are close to the router. Sometimes the connection in some places can be quite weak, so the devices do not find each other.

3. You can try reinstalling KDS on POS and then try reconnecting

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