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How do I print labels for received items from a Purchase order?


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Hello Nicole,

You can print labels for the items you will receive directly from the Purchase order where you have added these items.

In the Purchase order document, click on “More” and select the option “Print labels” from the drop down menu.




The ‘Print label’ window will open with the items from the document.
The system will automatically fill in the quantity of labels based on the quantity of items in your document. But you can correct the quantity of labels for each item or remove items which do not need labels.

You can find all detailed instructions here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-print-labels-items


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I find it more than a bit cumbersome that the default is to print 1 label for every single item on the purchase order. If you had a purchase order with 30 apples, 20 oranges and 4 pears Loyverse would print 30 apple labels, 20 orange labels and 4 pear labels.

Shouldn't the default be 1 label for every product, not 1 label for every item?

P.S. Yes, I know you can change the numbers manually but on a large purchase order that's a pain.

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