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Is it possible to link items to suppliers?


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If you use the add-on Advanced Inventory, you can add suppliers to the system ( https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-purchase-orders-and-suppliers)

You can add the suppliers from the Back-office->Advanced Inventory section-> Suppliers-> Add suppliers. Fill in the information and Save your supplier.


When you have an active subscription for Advanced Inventory, in the card of items to which you have switched on the option “Track Stock” you will see the two additional fields:

-Primary Supplier-you can assign a certain supplier for the item from the list of suppliers

-Default Purchase Cost- is the purchase cost, which by default is inserted into the Purchase Order, so that you do not need to enter it manually when creating a Purchase Order.
But this is not a required field, so you can leave it blank in the item's settings.
Then manually when creating a Purchase Order, you will need to specify the purchase cost.


After you have filled this information for your items, this will help you to easily and quickly add items to a Purchase order.

When you open for editing the existing purchase order or create a new one, after selecting the Supplier and Store for your Purchase order, you can choose one of the autofill options between ‘All items from supplier’ or ‘Low stock items from supplier’.



If you select the ‘All items from supplier’, the system adds all the items with the selected supplier specified in their attributes.
If you select the ‘Low stock items from supplier’, the system adds all the items with the selected supplier specified in their attributes which have a stock value that is less or equal to its ‘Low stock’ value.

You can read all details in this link: https://help.loyverse.com/help/autofill-items-purchase-order

I hope this has answered your question 🙂

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