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Epson TM-M10 - sweet printer under $200


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So I got this printer and hooked it up on my tablet and it works like a charm. I like that it takes the smaller 58mm rolls which is the exact same roll as I put into my ingenico debit/credit card machine. I get a good deal on those tapes at costco. The printer also takes the standard 58mm tapes that go into most cash registers. All in all a much cheaper solution than the wider 80mm tapes. I just hooked this printer up as a generic model.


One problem I am having is that I am going to use a chromebase to custom build my POS. I have not figured out how to make the chrome OS printer be recognized by the android operating system. 

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A chromebase does not have bluetooth so I ordered the USB printer but I need the initial ESC/POS commands to activate it.

THe example above won't work for me and I'm not sure if I were to exchange for an ethernet printer if that would solve my problem.


The TM-M10 is available as BlueTooth, Ethernet or USB.


From an Android Tablet the printer hooks up in seconds and functions immediately, so you can put it on your WORKING list.

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