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I would like to know hoe can I set the access rights to a waiter to enable him to take orders but not to register a payment?


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It is not possible to forbid your employees (in your case: waiters) to charge a ticket (open ticket)  from their POS device. Every employee has by default the access right to create tickets and charge them and these access rights can not be modified.

There are other access rights that you can decide to give or not to your employees like to do refunds, to apply discounts with restricted access, to void items in open tickets etc ( You can read more details about managing access rights of your employees in this link: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-manage-access-rights-employees) but what you need is not possible, unfortunately. 

You can always add your suggestion to Feature request section: https://loyverse.town/forum/29-feature-requests/

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In that case, all sales will be recorded to the Cashier, not Waiters. How about 'Sales by employee' report? How do you think, in that case, we need to record a sale to Waiter, who close the Open ticket, or we need to leave as is (sale recorded to the Cashier)?

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