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How to add printer Sam4s giant 100d?


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Hi friend.

You have to enter the IP address of your printer.

Follow this steps to find the IP address of your printer.


Turn the printer’s power switch off

Hold down the FEED button located on the front of the printer

While continuing to hold the FEED button down, turn the power switch on

The lights should flash for a few seconds, and then one or two pages should print out with a configuration report

You can now release the FEED button

You can find the IP address of your printer under the "Current IP Parameters Status" section (underlined by orange below).


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Thanks Mag but it says the G-Cube App only works with the following printers:







If anyone can share how to change the Port to 9100 on the Sam4s 100D using a Mac or iPad that would bee appreciated.

Sam4s 100D is listed by Loyverse as a Supported Printer so someone must have done it? 

Also, why doesn't Sam4s 100D come up as an option when adding a printer on the iOS (like the other Supported Printers)?


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9 hours ago, Mauricio G said:

This does not work for Sam4s 100

Hi, please try the  following  steps:

1) Enter the website of the printer manufacturer www.sam4s.com/eng/asp/download.asp    

2) Select the required model Sam4s 100

3)  Install on PC Integrated Utility for GIANT & Gcube   

4) Run utility and change port settings 


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On 12/1/2020 at 1:45 PM, Mauricio G said:

Did anyone got a response on how to change the port to 9100??

I don't know how it was done, but the shop I purchased my 3 x Sam4s Giant 100D printers from had their IT Tech log into my computer remotely and set the 3 printers all up on my wifi and changed the port to 9100.

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