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Can the total of the receipt be shown in two different currencies?


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I wish that the total of my receipts can be shown in two currencies: American Dollar and  Mexican Peso.
Is this possible?

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Hi Nicole, 

No, it is not possible to show the total in two different currencies.

All the amounts and prices on the receipt are not specified by any currency, just by a number. However, for paper receipts, you can change the settings to add text (your desired currency) at the end of the receipt. But you can only use one currency. 

You can find in this link a tutorial on how to set the currency: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-set-currency

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Hi Mia,

We want to be able to add several currencies on our receipt.

We must manually calculate this because our country uses two different currencies.

This is a problem because we frequently make mistakes when doing so.

I'm hoping we'll have this shortly.

Thank you in advance

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Thank you for your feedback. It will be sent as a suggestion to our team.

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I also need this option for my business.

I love loyvers but this is the thing that is making me think of chaging.


Please add this to the system.




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Hi George,

For my Bar it is very importable to be able to change currencies.

I hope we could get this added to Loyvers.




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