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How do I set the email to send low stock notifications?


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Hello Hippo! 

If you want to yours entire employees keep track of products with low stock not directly from your back office. Instead receive an email notification that the stocks of a product are coming to an end . The setting up of this function will take no time at all. You should complete just few simple steps.

Go to the "Settings" section menu in the back office.


Change the email field with desired one, and save your changes.
 Note: Notification of low residue of an item or its complete absence will come to selected email at 10:00 in the time of zone that you have specified. If there are no items with low stock, no notification will be sent to you.

That changes will not effect any others setting in your Back Office, or any other sensitive information will not come to that email, rather than Notification of low residue.

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