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Employees without emails

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Our business is operating  in rural Africa and our employees don't have emails. I noticed that I can add an employee without an email account, then the manager (with email and back office access rights) login /activates  the POS device and afterwards the employee can use the POS device by just entering his PIN. 

But what happens, if the employee is closing the App? It seems that then the employee cannot login to it anymore by only entering his PIN but need to login via an email? Shall I create a dummy user, just for the case that employees need to restart Loyverse again? Or are there any other ideas? Did I understand it correctly, that for activating a POS, it always need somebody with email and backoffice access rights?


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Hello Manuela!

Employee can close the application and open it with only PIN code. To make a Sign out and exit from App it need extra efforts and we do not recommend to do it often. 



If it happened that Sign out was done than yes, the POS must be activated with email and password. But Back office access rights can be limited by only one single option to manage POS devices and nothing else will be visible for Employee. 


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