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What I need to do to count a balance in the stock?

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Tell me, how do I properly keep a balance in the stock. I order meat from suppliers, for example, 10 kilograms. Each portion of the hamburger is 50 grams. How to calculate how much meat is left? 

And how to write that I bought 10 kilograms each at 5 $

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The best way is if you have advanced inventory.

1) You need to create a new supplier.


2) You can create purchase order, it will be better for manage later.


If you want just change stok without supplier you can use "Stock adjustment"


The stock of this item will be automatically changed.



And you can see history changing the stock of your item.


Another way change stock is to write on the menu of the product.



3) You need to create a hamburger like a composite product and add all needed components.


For example, I sold 10 hamburgers. The stock of the meat will be decreased automatically.






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