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Abruptly Can't Print receipts Anymore


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Thanks Mag for the prompt response, port 9100 is active.

I have gone through the trouble shooting guide  all seems in order however the printer still  failed to print

Kindly note the printers are working with other applications and are accessable by all devices.

Could it be a technical  issue from loyvrse end.

Are other users  experiencing similar issues?

I look forward bro your response thanks.

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Hi! No, other users do not experience similar problems in the moment. Please note, that we can guarantee proper work with printers from the list of supported printers


If you use other printer, it may also work with Loyverse App, but we cannot guarantee that for 100% . Please check requirements for other printers https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-set-other-printers-loyverse-pos

The main requirement is that the printer has to support ESC POS commands. 

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