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How to give access rights to view the dashboard only?


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I would like to give some people access to the dashboard only. They should see all sales data of all stores, but nothing else. How can I do this? Do I need to enter them as employees and do I need to activate a POS for them for each store? Or is there also a different way?

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Hello Manuela,

To give someone access to Dashboard only you have to add him/her as an employee to the system but you do not have to activate a POS for them for every store. In fact you don’t have to activate any POS for them at all if you want that he/she has access only to the dashboard.

To achieve what you want you have to:

1-Go to the Back-Office->Employees’ section->Access right and create a new group that will have only the access rights that you have mentioned: Access to the dashboard only and see only sales data for each store and nothing else.

Put a name for the group and enable for it only the access right to Back office ->Report as shown in the picture below. 


Press SAVE button

2- Add the new employee who will have this special access right, enter his email (essential) , select as the role the new group you created with the special access right, and give this employee access to all stores. Save the new employee. 



Then the employee will receive instructions by email how to create his/her account connected to your account. After he creates his account he can enter to the back-office or Dashboard app with his email and password and he can see only the sales data , and no other information.

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