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Loyverse POS Free vs Paid! What's the difference?


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Loyverse POS app for iOS and Android is free. It offers all basic functionality of POS and statistic of Back office.
Free version allows to have different kind of items: ordinary, composite, with variants. There is no limits on items quantity. You can create many POS and stores. You can use multiple devices with installed Loyverse POS app for the same account. There is also basic inventory functionality that allows to enter stock value for each item, this value will be reduced during each sale and you can see the current stock value of your item.

But there is only one user in free version: owner. So, if you have employees, it is recommended to use payed add-on Employee management.
Employee management subscription alows to create employees and manage their access rights. You can see all statistic by employee, such as sales, working hours etc. more information here: https://loyverse.com/employee-management

Advanced Inventory subscription gives possibility to track and manage product orders and receive and transfer goods between stores. You can modify the stock of items and indicate the reason for that adjustment, perform inventory count, make production, and have inventory history. more information here: https://loyverse.com/advanced-inventory

These add-on services have a 14-day free trial. Please check also pricing page for more info: https://loyverse.com/pricing

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