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Printing margin fix [solved]


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For anyone having trouble with their bills print being cut off from the right, the following command will help: B6,6C,9A

just write in the Initial ESC/POS commands area in advanced settings

Also you can find more command info that might help other situations in: http://www.ekka.com.ua/files/doc/ma501_4421_00_rev14.pdf

Hope it helps!



NOTE: Just to clarify, i do not own the MP-4000 TH POS Printer mentioned in the manual, but most commands did work for my off-brand Bluetooth thermal printer, so it might also work for yours

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Hello, please check the settings of your printers in the POS. Have you indicated correct paper width or print width in advanced settings of the printer? 

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    • By obejohn
      After turning my receipt printer on, it prints perfect receipts for the first order. It also lets me print multiple receipts for the first order and they are all fine. For the second and subsequent orders the receipts are gibberish. If I power cycle (off then on) the printer in it will once again print the first order perfectly, but reverts to printing garbage on all subsequent orders.
      The printer is a generic thermal printer with usb, serial, ethernet and WiFi interfaces. I am currently using WiFi. The issue exists whether I use an Android tablet or my smartphone. Presumably, I need to send some sort of start up command sequence to the printer in order to intitialise it. 
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      I know this has been asked a thousand times already... I have followed the instructions to change the printer to "other model" and use the Initial ESC/POS commands as 1C,70,01,00.
      That did not work.
      Saw that someone else recommended using the Hex code for the image in the Initial ESC/POS commands. But I am unable to find the Hex code in the Epson Utility.
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      I added the following ESC/POS command
      It kinda works because it centres all the text which is not really what I want.
      I prefer to move everything about 3-4mm to the right.
      Anyone know what ESC/POS command to use for that?
      My printer is set up as an other printer.
      PS. I have gone through every setting and adjusting the paper width but 48mm is the max setting I can use.

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