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Printing margin fix [solved]


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For anyone having trouble with their bills print being cut off from the right, the following command will help: B6,6C,9A

just write in the Initial ESC/POS commands area in advanced settings

Also you can find more command info that might help other situations in: http://www.ekka.com.ua/files/doc/ma501_4421_00_rev14.pdf

Hope it helps!



NOTE: Just to clarify, i do not own the MP-4000 TH POS Printer mentioned in the manual, but most commands did work for my off-brand Bluetooth thermal printer, so it might also work for yours

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Brilliant! Thank you this pointed me into the right direction. My problem was solved by adding a 0A to the "Cutter ESC/POS Commands" which added one linefeed.



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Hello, please check the settings of your printers in the POS. Have you indicated correct paper width or print width in advanced settings of the printer? 

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