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Splitting a Carton of Beer

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I purchase a carton of Beer containing 24 units (bottles).  I sell Beer at three different Price Points; A) 1 carton of 24 units, B) 4 x 6-packs, and C) 24 individual bottles.  Each Price Point has its own SKU and Barcode.  Is there an easy proven way/process of determining Gross Profit on each Price Point, and what would be required in Inventory/Stock Adjustments to counter negative counts on B & C above, offsetting with A above?  Thanks

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Hi Michaelg!

Because you purchase one item with SKU 00001, but you sold another items with SKU 00002 and 00003 and some 00001, it is not possible to connect them in such case. It is three different items with different stock.  

I want to suggest you to use one main item Beer (1 unit) and create A) the composite item Carton with a component item Beer * 24 units and B) another composite item Packs with a component item Beer * 6 units... and so on... 

Each Composite item can have am individual price, but all of them will have the same stock of item Beer. So when you order item Beer it can refill the stock and all Composite items will be connected to the same stock. Also you can use notes to clarify how many cartons you need from a supplier .


And reports you can continue to see for each item 


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