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What is the difference between Open shift/Close shift and Clock in/Clock out?

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Hi Mia,

OPEN SHIFT/CLOSE SHIFT  are part of shift management, these buttons record shift's opened and closed hours. According to this information you get a shift report with sales summary made from the moment the shift was opened ( when you clicked OPEN SHIFT) and the moment the shift was closed ( CLOSE SHIFT).

You can read more information about shift management in this link: https://help.loyverse.com/help/shift-management-loyverse-pos

On the other hand CLOCK IN/CLOCK OUT help you track employees hours and calculate their total work hours, which you can check in your Back-office-> Employees's section-> Total hours worked.

Please read more details how to activate and use this feature in this link: https://help.loyverse.com/help/time-clock

I hope this help 🙂

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Hello Mia!

I want to add that Shift management tracking the hours for one POS despite the fact that different employees may use this POS. 

To speak about Clock on/out feature of Employee management Employee can clock in on one POS and clock out on another POS. This feature is stick to the employee, not to the POS. 

I hope this note will be useful to you. 


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