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Can I use predefined open tickets without saving the order?

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Would it be possible to use predefined open tickets without saving it? I have tables and I would like to assign the orders to tables but to charge them immediately without saving it...



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Hello Sam2019,

It is not possible to do that, you will need to save the order as an open ticket for the table and then charge it 

Have a good weekend !

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To anyone who wants to do this the workaround is this:


Back Office - Features - Turn on dining options

Click on dining options in the settings menu and duplicate your table numbers in the list with the default set as takeaway, dine in or (as we do) just a simple fullstop - '.' - When a paying customer comes to the till and buys two coffees for table 3 click on the drop down arrow below where it says ticket and select the appropriate table number (3). When you go through payment and complete the sale the kitchen screen or receipt will display the selected table number so they know which table it is for.

If you don't select any table the tickets will simply display '.' or whatever your default setting is.


Hope this helps.



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