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How to unsubscribe from Employee management?


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When your trial or subscription period has finished, everything in the Back Office will be locked except for the ‘Billing & subscriptions’ section.  Your sales data will not be lost. Also, the tracking stock will not be stopped. When your account will be unblocked, all sales and stock levels in the back office will be actual.

For those using it as a trial, the Back Office will become locked immediately after finishing the trial period if you do not take any action. For those who are already subscribed and the subscription period has ended, the system will allow you to continue using the service in debt for 7 additional days. If during this time, you do not pay for the next subscription period, the Back Office will be locked on the 8th day. To continue working in the Back Office, you must choose to ‘activate’ the subscription or ‘unsubscribe’. 

If you click ‘Unsubscribe’ from the Employee management, all your employees will be deleted from the Employees list except for the owner, and you can continue using the Back Office. 


Or you can delete some employees by yourself by going to the ‘Employee list’ section in the Employees menu and pay for the remaining number of employees. 



Note: Unsubscribing will cancel any outstanding debt for the subscription.

The system transfers the previously paid amounts to the customer's credit account when: 

  • changing the pricing plan to a lower one in the middle of the billing cycle 
  • reducing the number of employees and/or stores in the middle of the billing cycle 
  • unsubscribing in the middle of the billing cycle

You can use the money from your credit account for the paid services of Loyverse POS.


If I stop using Loyverse POS or any paid service, whether money is withdrawn from my card? 

While you are subscribed to any subscription, your card will be charged until you unsubscribe, even so you do not use any Add-on or Loverse POS App.

If you decide to not use Loyverse POS, please unsubscribe from subscriptions in your Back Office. We do not refund charged amount if the subscription is activated. 

Can I stop recurring payments or delete my card details?

To stop recurring payments or delete your card details, please write specifically request to email help@loyverse.com from your business account email.

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