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How to set static IP address for receipt printer?


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Hi there, I just sucessfully tested with TM 82II Ethernet. I pressed the Feed button and it printed out the IP. I then looked into my router to see the MAC address of printer and assign a fixed IP for it. But using Epson Utility is good, I will have it in my tablet.

Good luck!

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Most printer manufacturers embed the web interface into their products, which makes it much easier to interact with printer configurations. Therefore, this manual can also be used to configure most printers.


Change the IP address only if the devices are in the same network. Therefore, if you have an additional device coverage on your network, then you might have to create another network to configure the hardware.
It's best if you have a friend who understands the work of the networks, and invite him to help you.

This video will show you the steps needed to switch a Star printer from DHCP to Static IP

Let's do it.

Finding the printer's IP address

Turn off the printer.

Press and hold the feed button.

Turn the printer back on.

Continue to hold the feed button until the Network Configuration report prints out.

Find the printer IP address. In my case, it has the last value:


Setting the Static IP

    1. Open your web browser and type the printer's IP address into the URL field


 2. Log into the Network Utility using these credentials; User: root Password: public (if there is a need).

 3. In the left side menu click IP Parameters and select static. The current IP address  and subnet mask should autofill in.


If necessary, enter the desired value in the IP address field.   

4. Click Submit
5. Select Save on the left side menu. Chose the option "Save => Configuration printing => Restart device" then click Execute.

The receipt printer should restart and print a new configuration report with Static next to the IP address instead of DHCP.

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1. Open your web browser and type the printer's IP address into the URL field

you have to connect printer and PC by Ethernet cable.

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