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KDS - order name

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Loving using Loyverse so far - but I can't find a setting I'm assuming must be somewhere! 

Adding a basic name to orders. If it's not an open ticket, I can't see a way to add a name to the order without having to create a customer? 

I'm not using the customer/loyalty system, so doint want to spend the time on every sale creating a new customer. But do need to know who the order is for when it hits the kitchen. 

Can anyone help?

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Hello. If I clearly understood your question. You can change the name of the open ticket when you saving it. You can write any name for it.

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Hey, following the question above - how can I configure this kds module to show the customer name associated to an order? It just state “owners” by default 


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If you have set up Loyverse KDS, customer orders will appear on your kitchen display as tickets with the list of items to prepare.

The first line of a ticket header contains either ticket number or ticket name for saved open tickets. Then there is time since the order was created and the name of the employee who created this open ticket.


If you want the name of the customer to appear in the KDS screen with the order, you can add it as:

1-     the name of the open tickets when you Save it


You can read more information about open tickets here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/open-tickets

2-     or you can add it as a comment to the open ticket.


Note: If you add a customer to the ticket, the customer information will not appear in the order in the KDS. So the only options to see the customer’s name in the orders in the KDS are the options mentioned above.

Maybe it is not the best solution, but it helps you to achieve your purpose.

You can lean more detailed information on how to use Loyverse KDS here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/kitchen-display-system

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Is the above information not available on Android and only applicable to iOS? I do not see any such options on my POS or KDS Apps which both run on Android devices.

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