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Sales tax included as discount


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Our sales tax is 11.5%, and sometimes we include that in the price as a bargaining device. My problem is that I do not know how to reflect this in my loyverse system.

Example: Tax included on $1 item, should show, by using rounded numbers, $.90+ $.10=$1.00. However,

1) If I choose the "tax included" toggle, the $.10 tax does not show on the receipt.

2) If I give an 11.5% discount and then charge the 11.5% tax, it gives me: $1.00-$.12 (discount) + $.10 (tax) = $.98 (total). Which I understand is because the discount is being figured on $1.00, while the tax is being figured on the $.88.

I would like an automatic way to do this, but if there isn't, is the only way to do it is with a calculator on hand to figure:

1) 1.00 /1.115 = .90

2) 1.00 - .90 = .10

And then enter into loyverse:

price $1.00

discount $ .10

tax added 11.5%

equals $1.00


thanks for any clarity you can add to this

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