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Refund of Card-Payment (sumup)


Someone likes to give back clothes, he bought by card (sumup). If I try to make a refund the system say that it`s not possible. I unterstand, that loyverse can not reverse a booking from sumup. 

Is there an option to give back cash or to charge it against other clothes he wants to buy?

My idea was to give a discount but then I have to correct the inventory.

That looks not good in the result for the collection office.

Perhaps someone can help me?

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When I've need to do a  refund I've found it easy. Loyverse allows you to go to Receipts from the menu, view a receipt and the  choose Refund. You then get a.choice of which line items to refund. If there are multiples on each line then you can change the quantity to only refund as many if the individual line items as you want.

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