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How to sell on Ebay?


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The first thing you need is to register a merchant account and then confirm the correctness of the name, address, and telephone number.
Second, create a product ad it is also important to describe your product in an understandable and simple way.

Before creating an ad, you can compare prices for similar products in completed and active ads. This can help you determine the optimal price for the product.
You can also learn more about creating product announcements, reading tips for successful sales, or just starting selling right away.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with the rules for sellers in order to find out what policy eBay uses with respect to prohibited goods and goods with cuts, and also to learn what is permitted and what is prohibited when exhibiting items for sale and closing the deal.
Most ads use e-commerce sales fees.

After your product announcement is posted, you can check whether there were bets on the product or whether someone bought your product by clicking on the Sale link in My eBay.

How do you do these last steps, affects the receipt of a positive response and whether the buyer will be satisfied?
Communicate with your customer. Thanks to the eBay purchase registration system, you will receive an email notification when the buyer completes the purchase.

Important! Contact the buyer directly if within 2 days after the end of your ad he does not pay for the purchase.

Receive a payment. Before sending the goods, make sure that the buyer paid for the goods, and the payment was accepted and credited to your account. If you placed an item in a category that allows you to accept checks, make sure that the bank has processed the check.

Ensure the safe and timely delivery of the goods to the buyer.
Pack your goods as safely as possible.
Verify that the shipping information is correct and contain a return address.

Leave a review for the buyer. Leaving a response about the buyer, you help other sellers. Find out more about the feedback system.

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