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How to start an online boutique with no money?

Sofie-Sham Miller

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First of all, you need a client base. Communication with potential customers will help make a product that really solves their problems. The online store will be needed only when you can not just personally communicate with all your customers. And then you will need a website to make the purchase as simple and convenient as possible

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Decide what you are going to trade. Before opening an online store, determine the products that will be presented in your store.
Find suppliers who will be able to purchase goods. Find out where, when and how you can pick up the goods (purchase to your warehouse or piece purchases on order). Count, at what price you can sell them and, accordingly, what will be your markup. After that, go to the next step.
So, you are determined what products are going to sell in the online store. Now you need to pick a name for your store. The store on the Internet is all remembered at its web address (domain name). The domain is the address of your site on the network. Your store will have its own unique name.

When choosing a domain, the following recommendations should be considered:

-the domain should be easily perceived by ear;
-the domain should not be very long;
-use words that are close to your field of activity.

After you have chosen a name and assortment, you can go directly to opening an online store on the network.

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