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Can I add a customer pole display (pos-x) to Loyverse POS?

Chef B

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I have a Pos-x xp8200U customer pole display.
Am I able to hook it up and use instead of buying another tablet? It is brand new, still in the box.

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    • Timothy
      By Timothy
      I just wanted to bring this to attention, as I have done so already with POS-X already. The Android version they have on their current selling terminals is 6.0, however it shows as incompatible in Google Play when you go to get the app there. I know the representative I was talking to through email mentioned they were in talks with your company to try and resolve this concern, and so I wanted to reach out and see where matters were in regards to this. I did find a back way of installing the software by pulling the app from a third party website and installing it manually but that also means I lose out on any updates there may be that may go through for Android 6.0 through Google Play.

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