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Compatibility Loyverse POS with Lenovo Tab 10”

George Juba

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    • By Kevin Ocie
      I want to connect a receipt printer (and cash drawer) to an Android tablet running Loyverse POS.  I will have other Android handhelp devices in the same store also running Loyverse POS.  When employees close (cash out) tickets on the handheld POS devices, can they print receipts on the printer connected to the tablet?  How?  Thanks.
    • By Talha
      Hi I am not able to add dpp 250 printer  can someone please guide me how to 
    • By Peppernuts
      I have connected my android tablet to a barcode scanner with OTG cable. Works fine and happy with it :-).... But how can I charge my tablet while using the barcode scanner? I've tried several adapters but nothing works.
      Please help. I have already bought 24 android tablets and 24 scanners but I didn't foresee this problem would occur.
    • By MSA140
      how to install a bar code scanner for windows android via NOX
    • By Benjamin
      Hi Everyone 
      I just started testing out Loyverse and i love the features of this simple POS System 
      I was trying to set up a Phoenix OS to Install Loyvere POS on a Desktop 
      I managed to get the POS working, however, the display looks as if it is on a Handheld Android 

      I wanted the POS to look somewhat similar to  as the notebook had more than enough screen for it. 

      Do you know if there is anyway i can change the settings to work?  It would be perfect if we can get this successfully done

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