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What are the necessary access rights for an employee to enter the back office?


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image It's not so difficult but you just need to follow some steps.

Once you are in the Access Rights menu in the web Back Office you need to select the role of your employee, let's say, administrator.

Once you are in the administrator settings you can select various access rights. If you want your employee to access the Back Office then make sure the Back Office option is selected. Is quite big you will not miss it.

There is quite many access rights, you can play around and determine ehat is suitable for your needs.

Good! Now that role is set up we need to invite the employee to ceate a password in your Bac Office.

To do that we need to change to the employee list tab. Create a new employee or select an existing one. Fill the email field and choos the right role for him/her, in my case, administrator.

As soon as you select the right role, an option to invite the employee to the back office will appear.


If you tick this option, when you save the employee settings an invitation will be sent to your employee and they will have the possibility to set a password they can use to log in with their account into your Back Office.

How to chek if your employee received the invitation and created a password?

Easy, you need to open again your employees profile settings. If your employee have access then you will see his first log in information.


If he didn't create a password yet, it will tell you that it is still waiting for the employee to log in and that you can send a new invitation:


That's everything you need to know!

Perhaps one more thing. If you also need your employee log in to the app with their own email and password you also need to activate the access right "Manage POS devices"

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